Citrix XenDesktop

Cut your costs and reduce your stress.

XenDesktop is One More Way to use the Cloud

XenDesktop allows users access to a virtual desktop. You can run Microsoft Windows desktops from multiple locations even though it is only installed at one centralized location. Thanks to the cloud, the centralized location can also be separate from wherever the devices accessing it are. Setting up your desktop as a cloud-based service has many advantages that Willow Bend Systems will help you take advantage of.

This service has all the usual bonuses of cloud-based computing. You can access your specific database from multiple locations. The security of your applications and data will be more robust and easier to manage. This product can run with a private or public cloud, and Willow Bend Systems can handle all of the technical support and maintenance for you.


Secure your data and expand our access –

Get both at the same time with Citrix XenDesktop.


Citrix Software is the Cutting Edge of Virtualization

Citrix software is centered on the virtualization of technology. It can replicate the abilities of Windows applications, desktops, and program resources across multiple access points. Large numbers of users can take advantage of the power and resources of a centralized server all at once. This process is a more efficient way of using the resources you have at your disposal. Citrix has two primary applications that businesses can take advantage of: XenApp and XenDesktop.

  1. Citrix XenApp: It is a virtual application delivery tool. It can separate applications from the operating systems. This separation allows for better performance and improved compatibility. However, it does not offer virtual desktop infrastructure, remote PC access, or offline access for disconnected users. To get all of that, you will need the Citrix XenDesktop.
  2. Citrix XenDesktop: The intention of the Citrix XenDesktop service is to empower your employees to be able to work from anywhere. At the same time, it also aims to cut data management costs by centralizing all the desktops under one cover. You get another layer of security from XenDesktop too. Your data won’t be on the same devices where you are accessing it from. Instead, it will be safe in a data center or the cloud. All of this happens with a more straightforward user experience.


We Can Build This Into Your Services

Willow Bend Systems can implement this desktop strategy into your workplace today. We can build a hosted Citrix structure for you with our certified engineers that will allow us to cut your hardware costs. The Citrix infrastructure is also easier to support, which means there will be fewer issues to resolve. Citrix XenDesktop support saves time and business money.


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