Public Cloud Vendors

Find out if a public cloud vendor is right for you.

Managing Your Public Cloud Services

Willow Bend Systems has very flexible options when it comes to managing your cloud services. We can help set up a private cloud platform for you or we can work alongside a public cloud vendor. The public clouds we work with most often are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services or AWS. Whatever cloud service you select, your business will still get to take advantage of the power of cloud computing.

Choosing between public or private cloud computing can be a complicated decision. Most of the time, we recommend private cloud hosting, but for certain companies, public cloud services make sense. A public cloud works off of shared hardware that is owned and managed by a third-party provider. A private cloud is a structure built solely for your business that is either hosted onsite or by a service provider’s data center. Both versions of cloud management have advantages and disadvantages.


The choice between public and private clouds can be tricky.

Willow Bend Systems has the advice you need to pick the right one for your business.


The Public Cloud Can Save Money or Have Surprise Costs

The primary advantage of the public cloud is the way your business can scale up service. Most public vendors will offer a pay-for-what-you-use plan. This means that you only pay for the computing power you use and can have more as long as you can pay for it. This payment plan creates excellent ease of access. There is a challenge that comes with that access though.

Cloud computing can make many operations much more comfortable and employees can become too used to relying on it. In a pay-for-what-you-use plan, the cost can vary wildly if you and your employees don’t carefully monitor your overall usage. As long as your cloud services are strictly managed, this could be a cost-effective method for your business. By partnering with a trusted company like Willow Bend Systems, we’ll monitor your activity for you.


A Bigger Data Center Can Be A Bigger Target

Another advantage of the public cloud is the level of power and reliability they offer. Public clouds are often made up of a massive network of servers which makes the entire cloud platform more stable. The possible downside of this enormous size and power is that sometimes these servers are in different countries. Some of these countries can have an entirely different set of regulations and security precautions. Because so many people use public clouds, internet spikes can create poor performance for your applications. If the performance of your applications is crucial, then you may want to choose a private cloud.

Public clouds are often the most targeted cloud businesses by hackers as well. A bigger database means a bigger target. The shared resources between so many different users can create more points of access to sneak through. If your third-party public cloud vendor doesn’t have top-notch security than it can lead to data loss or leaks. Public cloud providers come with several excellent advantages, but they also bring a level of risk that must be considered. If you are trying to choose between a public or private cloud, Willow Bend Systems will help you choose the right choice for your business.

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