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Data Migration is a Vital Part of Business

Data migration is a routine practice throughout the life cycle of a business. It is one of the crucial actions of upgrading an old system or implementing new technology. Simply put, it is the process of transferring data between different types of storage. Put into action, it is a more complex service. However, it is one that Willow Bend Systems knows precisely how to handle. One of the best ways to manage the migration process is with cloud-based services. The cloud has become the main migration tool because of its computing power and ease of access.

To make sure that we accomplish a successful data migration, we start by mapping the old data onto the new system. This map allows the original data to be reformatted to operate within the new systems. Then the actual upload process begins. Once everything is uploaded, the results are double-checked. We check the migration exchange to ensure that the complete data was accurately translated and is fully supported by the new system. Our goal is to make data migration easy and simple for your business.


Data migration is an important service for businesses.

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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Willow Bend Systems can perform many types of data migration, but the main focus includes Microsoft Office 365 service because it offers the most benefits to our clients. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a subscription service to a collection of their products, with monthly or annual plans. The Microsoft Office Suite is always available as a one-time purchase. However, this subscription service allows for the use of Microsoft products over the life of the subscription and automatic updates, like patches and upgrades, for all the included services.

This subscription includes the well-known Microsoft Office product line of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and OneDrive. Office 365 also includes cloud-based software like SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Exchange Online. The Office 365 exchange of data is something we have become very familiar with, and we can lease this service through Microsoft and manage it for our clients.


Willow Bend Systems is the Best Choice for your Data Migration

Once you are under our managed services plan, there is no additional charge for a migration like this. Willow Bend Systems is well-practiced at this particular service. We are equipped to perform all types of data migration from primary storage to your entire database and applications. We will ensure that there won’t be any data loss and every transfer will go smoothly.

Our experts will also make sure the new systems support the functions of the original data and programs. We can perform your data migration without disrupting your day-to-day operations. For most businesses, the whole process can usually be done in about 24 hours. As migration experts, we’ll help move your data to take advantage of the cloud.

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