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Private Cloud Hosting Through VMware Air

VMware is a part of Dell Technologies that specifically focus on cloud services and platform virtualization. As part of the Dell family, they are one of the biggest providers of technology to the entire world Dell Technologies says that VMware software “accelerates, your digital transformation through software and services that let you run, manage, secure and connect all of your applications across clouds and devices.”

Willow Bend Systems provides VMware services in both our server virtualization and cloud computing practices. The VMware Air service we offer is another private cloud hosting that Willow Bend Systems provides. This is different than the VMware Airwatch app that you may have heard of elsewhere. This private kind of cloud is more straightforward for us to manage and provides the security of cloud computing without the risks of public cloud vendors.


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There are Good Reasons VMware is so Popular

Private cloud hosting with VMware Air service will save you the money it would cost to build and maintain your own servers. Not having to manage personal servers reduces hassle for your employees. It can also increase output in other areas of your company. Private cloud hosting means that your company will be able to take advantage of a personal cloud infrastructure with a virtual database.

VMware is most well-known for its hypervisor software. A hypervisor is computer software, firmware, or hardware that creates and manages virtual machines. Virtual machines and hypervisors are some of the ways that VMware can increase your efficiency. This process allows for multiple systems to run off of the same hardware resources. Cutting back on management consoles to save you money on hardware costs.


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Hypervisors are a vital piece of another one of Willow Bend Systems System’s services: server virtualization. VMware hypervisors and virtual database are foundational pieces of cloud computing. Virtualization is one of the techniques that makes cloud-based operations possible. VMware cloud services offer support to over 5,000 apps and nearly 100 operating systems certified to work within the VMware vSphere.

VMware Air cloud strategy is the next step up the ladder of taking advantage of private cloud computing and computer virtualization. Using the VMware cloud increases the portability of your data and allows for seamless migration. All this means that your data will also be safer from loss or corruption. When we install the VMware tools on your system, it brings an industry-leading brand name along with it. Protect your privacy with by partnering with Willow Bend Systems and VMware Air Service.

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