Data encryption might seem like something straight out of science fiction for some people. The truth is that it is a very common practice among many businesses. Data encryption can protect the integrity of your sensitive data and reduce the risks of a data breach.

These days we spend a lot of time talking about ways to provide security on the internet. There are news reports every day of data breaches and phishing attacks that cost companies millions of dollars. Encryption is one of the strategies we can use to prevent hazards like that. The purpose of data encryption is to protect the integrity of your data even if someone is able to steal it.


What Is Data Encryption?


Encryption is a process that transforms your data into unreadable text or code. Coded information basically just looks like gibberish to anyone who might get a hold of it. Every IT service provider out there can recommend all sorts of security precautions. However, if your data is compromised or stolen, encryption will protect the privacy of your employees and customers.


Your sensitive data is fed into a coded algorithm and translated into what is called ciphertext. Today, this is a quick process that can be added to other services like cloud-based computing or remote access situations. Your altered data can be read once it has been translated by a private key that only you have access to.


How Do I Use It?

You and your business might decide that reduce the risk to your systems sounds like a great idea. However, a term like data encryption can sound intimidating to some people. This is one of the reasons your business needs to start a relationship with a professional IT service provider. They already have the knowledge and tools that you need. These experts can also integrate services like encryption into your day-to-day operations.

We can set you up with an automated process for encrypting and decrypting your data as it moves between sources. This strategy is especially useful for businesses that have high rates of interaction across the internet. Being able to operate safely with secure systems across firms is a big advantage when it comes to getting work done.


How Else Can Encryption Help My Business?


Encryption with digital signatures with secret keys can also work as a strong selling point to your customers. Many businesses have been negatively affected following a data breach. Building confidence in your brand with data privacy precautions can be a powerful marketing tool.


Willow Bend Systems can even set your company up with the option to use encryption schemes on mobile devices. This will allow for freedom in your operations while maintaining a high level of security. We can set up data masking options on your mobile devices. This allows your employees can encrypt a message and then translate them back into plain text easily. To get high-security options with flexible applications, you need a top-notch partner that is on the cutting-edge.