You might think that you have a pretty firm understanding of what malware like computer viruses and trojan horses can do to your operating systems, but they will often find ways to surprise you. There are always going to be new points of access or new ways to impact your operations. This is one of the many reasons that you need a service provider that is dedicated to keeping up with the wide variety of threats that your business will face.


What Is A Denial Of Service Attack (DDoS)?


This is a type of attack that uses multiple security compromised computer systems to attack a single target like a server, web application, or other network resources. The goal is to cause a denial of service for you and your business. It sends a deluge of incoming messages, requests for connection, and malformed packets to slow down or even crash the targeted system. This prevents legitimate users from getting the services they need or want.


How Does It Work?


A hacker will start by taking advantage of a weak point in a computer system and turn it into the start point of the overall attack. From there, this start point will target other vulnerable systems and take control of them. This is when it becomes a distributed denial of service attack as the flood of traffic is sent wherever the hacker decides. The flood attack then overwhelms the targeted system and triggers the denial of service.


How Can I Get DDoS Attack Protection?


Being on the receiving end of a DDoS attack is nearly impossible to prevent, but you can have DDoS mitigation with ongoing security assessments and professional implementing network security controls. The best way to avoid an attack of this type is to get ahead of it before all of that attack traffic is generated.


DDoS protection starts with stopping the malware from ever getting into your systems, and the best way to do that is with a superior security posture. At Willow Bend Systems, we know that there is no one perfect security solution. This is why we recommend that you implement a layered approach to defending your network and systems. Our security services cast several wide nets that will cover the gaps in each other, creating a layer of defenses that is much more difficult to penetrate.


When you partner with Willow Bend Systems, you will gain access to our full library of services and all of them will work together to safeguard the continuity of your company. Our security and continuity-geared methods and practices include:


The scope and rate of attacks like this are continuing to increase throughout the world. To prevent your systems from being a part of the large amounts of data flooding the target, partner with Willow Bend Systems today. Reach out to learn more about our services and how we can help defend your business.