Hardware as a Service

High-end hardware without the high price.

Hardware as a Service is a Subscription Model

Willow Bend Systems will often recommend cloud strategy services that require little onsite hardware. However, many clients still want to have their hardware present onsite. For those people, hardware as a service, or HaaS, makes the most sense. This service is a hybrid lease model where we lease the equipment to you for a subscription fee. Willow Bend Systems retains ownership of the materials, but that works in your favor.

As a managed service provider, we are already maintaining your equipment. Since we own the equipment, it is in our best interest to keep it in prime condition. You benefit from new, continually updated hardware without the high upfront cost. Without a leasing model, clients would have to pay high overhead costs to purchase hardware themselves. Paying a monthly fee is almost always going to be more cost-effective than the high prices of technology resources.


Want to keep your data center local?

Hardware as a Service is the best option.


A Leasing Model Improves Other Services

One of the most significant drawbacks to purchasing any technology is the short life cycle that most equipment has today. You will no longer be held back by outdated tech and budgetary limits. When the time comes to upgrade, clients of Willow Bend Systems just change out the equipment. With all of the cash flow that you will be saving, routine maintenance costs will be more manageable. You can opt for regular maintenance plans that will improve the performance of your equipment and ensure long-term productivity.

Also when you experience equipment breakdown, it won’t crash your budget. Broken devices will just be replaced, and your business won’t be disrupted. If your company is growing and the time comes to scale up your resources, not having the high costs of outright purchase is going to make it simpler. With Willow Bend Systems HaaS solutions, you can scale your services up or down depending on the needs of your company. Hardware as a Service is a proactive approach to managing your technology equipment needs for the future.


For Security, Newer is Usually Better

Proper security is a crucial part of all operating systems. Regardless of all the precautions a business can take, newer hardware and software is always going to be more secure than old tech. The same philosophy goes for data backup and disaster recovery. Hardware as a Service helps almost every other practice we offer by making updates easier.

Willow Bend Systems is always thinking about the best strategies for our client’s current and future well-being. Hardware as a Service is just one more example of how we can upgrade your workplace while cutting your costs.

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