Network Installation

Get the best network for your business.

Network Installation is a Vital Piece of Your Workplace

As part of our hardware services, Willow Bend Systems delivers a full suite network installation services to our clients. You can take full advantage of our experience and expertise as we manage the entire planning process of installing your networking services. We provide these services whether you are setting up your office or need to replace your old network. Willow Bend Systems can design your entire system and put an action plan in place for the best results.

Machines will never replace the ingenuity of your human workforce. However, when correctly applied, technology can take their productivity and efficiency to new heights. Whether you are moving your resources to the cloud or keeping everything in-house, one of the most crucial parts of any workplace in today’s world is your network.


Your network is the foundation of today’s workplace.

Ensure it’s stable, dependable, and able to react quickly with Willow Bend Systems.


Network Installation is About More Than Just Cabling

A new network is not just going to need cables, hardware, and support devices. Even wireless internet will require proper designing and planning to function well in your workplace. Things like signal strength and access points have to be considered before deploying your systems. Wireless solutions offer ease and a more comfortable workspace, but they still depend on your network even without as many wires.

Beyond the basics of installing support devices and running cabling or wiring, every network needs firewalls and protection in place. Our experts are certified with industry-leading brand names like Cisco, Brocade, Fortinet, and WatchGuard among others. This expertise is all a part of our turnkey solutions for our clients.


Willow Bend Systems is Proactive and Personal

When it comes to the design and building process, Willow Bend Systems takes a personal approach to customer service. We will take your workspace specifics into account. When it comes to design, we are not a one-size-fits-all company. We will find the best fit for you. Our designers can work with either a local area network, LAN, a wide area network, WAN, or a mixture of the two. We will likely recommend a cloud-based data center strategy for your computing power and storage. However, if you want to keep things onsite, we can accommodate that as well.

We always include room in your network for expansion and upgrades. Your distribution systems need to be ready for the future. Willow Bend Systems doesn’t just want to be there to set up your systems, we want our services to be there for you as your company grows. We will be there for you now and in the future.

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