Office Relocation

Hire the best, so you don’t have to stress.

Office Relocation Doesn’t Have to be a Burden

Many different steps go into moving to a new office location. Commercial office relocation is about much more than packing up some office furniture. There is an entire timeline of goals that must be planned and crossed off to manage a workspace move successfully. If not executed correctly, a move like this can disrupt your business and have a negative impact on your clients and staff. You don’t want to start off in a new place with poor performance and reduced motivation, calling in the professionals at Willow Bend Systems should be number one on your “to do” list.

With Willow Bend Systems, an office relocation can reinvigorate your workforce and actually improve performance. One of the reasons that you don’t just want to hire casual office movers is because relocating to a new space offers new opportunities. Moving to a new location can be the perfect time to implement new strategies or products for your IT infrastructure. Our moving services will cover everything from structured cabling to shifting your phone services.


An office relocation doesn’t have to be a mess.

Start a partnership that will enhance your IT services even after the move.


Full-Service Office Relocation

You don’t need to be a member of our managed services plan to take advantage of our office relocation services. An office move is a great time to start your long-term partnership with Willow Bend Systems. We can design and plan your move, then we can continue to manage your IT services in your new location for a seamless move. Once you see our services, you will want to find out all the other ways we can enhance your workplace.

An office relocation is the perfect time to implement our other services as well. You can have a fresh start in your new office space and enhance your technology at the same time. Instead of buying new office equipment, you could take advantage of our Hardware as a service program and start leasing your tech hardware. We could also take this opportunity to move your services to the cloud with any of our cloud-based computing options. Rather than search for a new phone carrier, you can just add our VoIP phone system to your new office space. When you move with Willow Bend Systems, your whole IT can benefit.


We Create a Proactive Moving Plan

It is never too early to start planning your relocation and creating your checklist of things to do. A workplace move like yours needs to be as seamless as possible. Willow Bend Systems will establish a timeline of goals that includes every step. This timeline will keep everything organized and cut out critical mistakes.

We mainly perform local office relocations, but we can also offer our planning for nearly any client that wants to hire our services. Willow Bend Systems will build a relocation plan that minimizes downtime and reduces the disruption of services. We want you to be able to hit the ground running on your first day in your new location.

To learn more about our Office Relocation services, reach out to our relocation experts.

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