As the threat of data breaches looms large over the heads of every business, we must learn to adapt to these new threats and bring focus on protecting our organizations. It is time that we start addressing cyber attacks as the real threat that they are. Businesses can no longer call their single layer of anti-virus protection good enough for their protection. The consequences of a data breach can be devastating and far-reaching for you, your employees, and your customers.


The Best Approach To Security Is A Layered One


There are many precautions you can take to defend your computer systems from intrusion. Using a risk assessment process, you can learn about the threats you are most likely to face and the most effective precautions against them. You might think that as a managed service provider, that we would just recommend you hire us and leave your security in our hands, but that isn’t enough either.


There is no service provider that can guarantee your 100% safe from an intrusion, and that is a crucial thing to grasp. A false sense of security will lead to lax precautions and poor risk management. Recognizing the reality of the threats we are facing is a critical first step in evaluating risks and creating contingency plans. Cyber threat protection is a group effort that requires participation from your team as well as ours.


Essential Steps In Cyber Security


There are many steps you can take to help protect yourself and your business from data breaches.

  • Hire The Experts
    Even the largest and most successful corporations can be hacked. You are an expert in your business, and your customers trust your recommendations. Take advantage of the other expert’s knowledge out there and hire a cyber security expert or managed services team to leverage their expertise and experience. 
  • Keep A Separation Between Business and Personal Accounts
    One of the common ways of getting into a professional network or system is through a less secure mobile device or email account. Keeping these accounts all separate also means that if one is comprised, the rest are compartmentalized and safe from intrusion. 
  • Raise Employee Awareness
    Hackers will often take advantage of innocent employees who are not being vigilant enough. Let your employees know about the dangers that are out and stress how vital it is that they stay on guard for threats like social engineering and phishing email attacks. 
  • Train Employees In Safer Practices
    Go further than just telling your workforce to watch out. Partner with a service provider to offer training in what to watch out for and when to report a targeted threat. Involve your own team in protecting your systems and network.
  • Establish The Importance Of Security
    If you are a business leader or decision-maker, the buck stops with you. Other employees are going to take their cues from you. If you make security a priority, then so will the rest of your workforce. If you let safety precautions become lax, then so will everyone else. 
  • Build A Business Contingency Plan
    Unfortunately, there are times when breaches, intrusions, or natural disasters are unavoidable. There are just too many threats and hazards out there to believe that you’ll be safe 100% of the time. Work with your service provider to build a business contingency plan that will help you restore service and recover from whatever disaster you might face. 
  • Enforce Data Restrictions
    The vast majority of data breaches do not come from ingenious backdoors or hacker prodigies. The majority of intrusions come from simple, innocent employee mistakes. In an effort to make things easier, many companies allow easy access to files and systems throughout the company. This is poor vulnerability management. You need to set and enforce data restrictions for those that do not unlimited access to your network.


Threat Intelligence & Threat Remediation


Threat intelligence is a relatively new term in the world of technology security. This form of intelligence allows us to identify particular risks, their potential to cause harm, and set up specific control measures to counter them. That is where the term threat remediation comes in. It is the name of the process that empowers your service provider to build these specific strategies.


When you partner with a managed service provider, like Willow Bend Systems, you gain access to professional threat intelligence and remediation for your systems across the board. We use security industry-leading techniques and tools like Office 365 to identify the hazards you are facing and respond appropriately.


Contact Willow Bend Systems today to learn more the ways we can help protect your business from a data breach, along with all the ways you and your employees can protect yourselves through better business practices.