24/7 Monitoring and Support

Your network never sleeps, we don’t either.

24/7 Monitoring Isn’t Just For Emergencies

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small or large business, your network needs to be at its best at all times. As part of a 24/7/365 economy, 24/7 observation is one more way Willow Bend Systems will maintain the continuity of your professional services. Monitoring and providing support network services will keep your systems productive and efficient. Continuous monitoring reduces the risk of issues going unnoticed that can cause further problems.

Implementing 24/7 monitoring will lead to less drops in network availability and a stronger level of protection for your data. Constant monitoring is also an important part of keeping your network secure from viruses or intrusions. Cloud computing and remote managed services make it possible for us to protect your data at all times, even when we aren’t on site. Taking advantage of this in addition to our intrusion protection and data backup methods delivers a complete level of confidence in your network.


When you need an expert,

Willow Bend Systems will be there for you.


Our Proactive Strategy

24/7 monitoring is another piece of our long term planning for you. This software will alert us to issues as they arise and cut out the middleman of having to get in touch with us. It allows us to manage alerts and address tickets that are automatically sent along to us. When you integrate this with our IT consulting or VCIO methods, you are receiving a full circle of IT management services that we offer.

Services like this aren’t always about mopping up after emergencies. They will actually make your network and systems run more efficiently. Which in turn makes your whole business more efficient. Having less problems and challenges will ultimately save you more money. As always, our monthly flat fees are simple and, in the end, less expensive than hiring on-demand services. Willow Bend Systems delivers complete care for your overall system.


Emergency Support Is Always Available

Our normal operating times are between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. When you call between those hours you won’t get redirected through a complicated answering service. You will be able to speak directly with one of our computer engineers. 99% of the time our calls are answered with no hold time! We do offer personal support for emergencies that come up beyond our normal operating hours. There is always an engineer on call that will be able to address your crisis in short order.

Your business and your network never stops working. That is why Willow Bend Systems never stops our work for you. Our 24/7 monitoring services will be there around the clock to watch and protect your systems. It is all a part of our proactive strategy to deliver the best methods and practices to our clients.


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