Data Backup and Protection

Get up and running again quickly after a data loss.

We Know How Important the Safety of Your Data Is

Data backup and protection is an automatic part of our managed services. Having a safe space to backup all your essential information is a foundational part of your IT needs. There are many ways that a company could lose their data. It could be corrupted or stolen by outside sources, damaged as a result of a disaster scenario, or if you are not part of a well-managed system, it could even be part of an accidental deletion.

Lost data could result in a dip in profits, loss of customers, and, worst of all, a decline in customer trust. Trust is a difficult thing to earn and even harder to win back. You can trust Willow Bend Systems to take this responsibility seriously. Our backup software and cloud storage options are industry-leading. We know we can’t promise your business won’t ever have hardware failures, but we can guarantee that we will be there and prepared to resolve those issues in a timely fashion.


Protect your data today.

Hiring Willow Bend Systems ensures your backups and data is protected.


We Offer More Than Just Data Backup

Some people might think that just having some servers where you make a copy of your information is safe enough. However, if you are running a business; then you can’t take any chances with your client’s data. Local backup solutions are never enough by themselves and you should never rely on just one type of backup. When you hire us, we will replicate your data and keep one copy at a geographically redundant location in a trusted data center. This redundant copy promises the safety of your information even if your local workspace is somehow compromised.

In the case of an emergency or unexpected outage, with this offsite backup, we can begin restoring data to get you up and running again quickly. That won’t just save you money; it will also save you a loss in the profits that you would have suffered without access to your data. With an additional protection plan, we can deliver a return of service within as little as 5 minutes! We can guarantee you won’t have data loss, even with large commercial amounts of data.


Feel Confident in the Safety of Your Data with Willow Bend Systems

As a client of Willow Bend Systems, you will receive antivirus protection, disaster recovery, and managed services for all of your IT. We believe in the stability of these services, but our data backup methods will always be there as a failsafe. We ensure your business is over-prepared for your IT needs. The protection of your data is a primary facet of our proactive thinking.

We set up multiple level of protection so that if one ever fails, the others will be there to compensate. We want you to feel confident in the safety of your data, and it is easy when you trust Willow Bend Systems.


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