Disaster Recovery/BCP

Put your business in safe hands.

Disaster Recovery is Our First Response Strategy to Your Disaster

A disaster is defined as a sudden event that causes significant damage or loss of life. Disaster recovery is a part of a security strategy that tries to insulate a business from the possible side effects of a disastrous scenario. Well planned disaster recovery lets a business rapidly resume or maintain mission-critical primary functions after a disaster. After a devastating event, there are a lot of things to worry about. You can check one thing off the list after you’ve hired Willow Bend to manage your disaster recovery strategy.

We can react quickly to your disaster scenario to ensure that your business suffers as little loss as possible. Our immediate focus will be getting your most critical systems back up and running with our fast-acting incident response. Our disaster recovery response is just one part of our services though. We also offer offsite replication for an additional fee. In specific scenarios, that replication can even be expedited to run even faster.


Disaster recovery is reactive planning.

Business continuity planning (BCP) is proactive thinking.


Our BCP is the Ultimate Protection for Your Business

When developing a risk assessment for any business, you have to take natural disasters into account. You might not know when to expect them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for them. Business continuity planning is the other part of our disaster recovery efforts. BCP is not just a disaster recovery plan. It is an aggressive step-by-step system that looks ahead to avoid and limit any risks to your business from anything that would disrupt continued operation.

We love being proactive here at Willow Bend. Business continuity planning is the ultimate version of that for us. We won’t just respond quickly to a disaster, with BCP we will be able to enact the plan that’s already in place. Our program highlights critical business operations and targets them for assistance first. This action shrinks the amount of time it takes for us to respond and limits your loss of profits.


We Aren’t Just Here to Restore Your Services

We will also perform business impact analysis. This forward-thinking lets us examine the likely consequences of disaster scenarios. Willow Bend can then let you know what to expect for the impacts that we can’t mitigate. Our business continuity plan won’t just get you up and running. It is a full circle plan of care. It will stabilize your operations, establish communication between essential parties, and plot your extended recovery from said disaster.

Our services will be there for your business before, during, and after your disaster has passed. We offer disaster recovery as a service because we care about our clients. We provide BCP because we know the importance of a stable business plan.

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