IT Project Management

Put your projects in good hands.

IT Project Management is a Challenge, but not with Willow Bend Systems

Technology projects include many unique scales and objectives. This could be updating old software, developing new programs, or overhauling your tech equipment. A project can range in size from a software change to a full business hardware upgrade. For any professional IT project, you will need a manager that has an understanding of the needs of the project, the challenges you will face, and your personal goals.

As part of our advanced IT management, Willow Bend Systems provides superior IT project management. We shoulder much of the responsibility of your projects and help you follow them through into completion. Any undertaking like this is a temporary change to your practices that could disrupt your business, so we ensure diligent work to minimize downtime.

You need to put your IT projects in the hands of someone that understands the industry and will put your interests first. With Willow Bend Systems, you will receive team members that know how to examine full project scope and what determines project success even if we are not a permanent onsite project manager for your business, but we are here to lend a hand.


Every project is different,

But we implement the same steps for success.


The Five Phases of Project Management

Project management, even outside the IT industry, has five primary phases:

  1. There is the initial inception of the project where the overall idea is created.
  2. The planning phase is next. This step is where your project team examines the scope and costs of the project. They develop risk management plans and build a breakdown of the work schedule.
  3. The third phase is launching the project. The real legwork begins, and all the planned strategies are put into action.
  4. The fourth phase is tracking the performance of the project. Your project manager from Willow Bend Systems streamlines any ineffective issues and further tracks the additional cost as they happen.
  5. The final stage of any project is the closing down of the plan. This step is one last check to make sure every step is complete. A manager does a post-mortem of how well everything went and what could be improved for next time.


Project Coordination is More Than Making a Plan

Willow Bend Systems won’t just hand you a plan and walk away. Our experts have experience in working with vendor software, and we can operate in complete compliance with them, as well as third party vendor management. Third party vendors sometimes come with a higher amount of risk, but our services will significantly reduce that risk for you.

Part of our project management services also includes handling migration projects. A migration project is any transfer of data from one data storage system to another. They are usually done to upgrade or replace old equipment. Depending on the situation, these practices are generally not an additional fee beyond our standard managed services plan.


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