Managed Services

One plan is all we need.

A Managed Service Plan That Is Efficient And Cost-Effective

Willow Bend Systems keeps the application of our managed services simple. We don’t sell half plans or different levels of coverage. Every client is given the same level of service. We offer one plan because it is comprehensive for all businesses. Our remote monitoring and management services are industry-leading and this strategy was put together by our experts who have years of experience. Our fixed monthly, flat fee that will keep you budgeting simple. We do not use hidden fees or tricks. You will know what you are getting with our products and services every month, with no surprises.

Our managed services are the best alternative to on-demand contracts or one-time fixes. They provide complete service to your company, as opposed to a patchwork strategy. Your monthly fee subscription with us will allow you to operate and innovate in ways that will advance your own business operations. Having us ensure the ongoing day-to-day continuity of your technological services will take one more item off your to-do list.


We have one managed service plan. –

It provides a wide variety of services.


The Perfect Foundation For Your IT Structure

Willow Bend Systems’ services include our full help desk, as well as, access to our staff of professional technicians. All of our computer engineers are certified in Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Citrix methods and continue their education on the cutting edge technology and techniques for the future. Someone will always be available for an emergency situation.

Data backup and protection is another important piece of our managed services. You might clock out at closing time, but your network and system doesn’t. With our cloud services, we replicate your data and keep one copy at a geographical redundant site against natural disasters or theft. Having one copy on-site and another off-site ensures that your data is safe. Managed security is part of our basic service because we know how important it is.

In today’s world, the strength of your digital framework is crucial. A properly backed up system can make a huge difference when it comes to providing for your own clients. If a crisis strikes, our data backup and disaster recovery services are there because they are designed to get your business back up and running quickly. All of this falls under our commitment to being proactive and planning ahead for your needs.


Cold Replication Of Data Backups

Beyond our normal services, we do offer cold replication services for businesses that need it. This service is for those large corporations or mission critical sites that cannot afford for their systems to be down for long periods of time, or at all. Replication services vastly increase the recovery time in case of an unscheduled outage or disaster scenario.   

The managed services plan of Willow Bend Systems is a comprehensive service that we offer to our clients because we know it is the best way to protect your business and its’ practices. We will secure the day-to-day operations and protect the essential functions of your company.


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