Server Virtualization

Do more with less.

What Is Server Virtualization?

Ever since the entire world went online, IT services have become more complex. Efficiency and hardware often struggle to keep up. Advances in technology are constantly demanding more and more from our hardware. Businesses often have to invest in more hardware to try and compensate for the advances in technology. This is a poor way to make up for hardware that is simply not functioning at its best. Many companies don’t have bad servers or networks; they are just asking their systems to do too much all at once.

Server virtualization is one way to turn this trend on its head. It allows every application or operating system that you are using to exist in a separate software package called a virtual machine (VM). Virtual machines all operate separate from each other. Your networking, CPU, and storage units are then collected as a singular resource that can feed into each VM through software called a hypervisor.

This hypervisor is like a one way funnel. It allows isolation for each virtual machine while still feeding them what they need. Every application and operating system can then run at peak performance because they are no longer fighting with each other.


Replacing your physical servers,

Virtual private servers will offer extra protection against intrusion and loss.


How Virtual Machines Will Help Your Business

As the most efficient way to control the distribution of server resources, a virtual machine offers many benefits. It allows you to do more work with less hardware. You will be able to run multiple applications without dragging down your network. It is a great way to save money on the hardware you need. Having less hardware is also easier and less expensive to maintain. Server visualization is a process that saves our clients time and money.

When you work with Willow Bend Systems, we provide this service at no additional cost! Willow Bend Systems primarily works with VMware because they are the best in virtualization. If anything happens to your systems or network, it is easier for us to address the issue with server visualization. This process actually makes our other services function even better. Our data backups and disaster recovery methods will take less time when used in conjunction with server virtualization.


Optimize Your Investments

Server virtualization is just one more piece of our overall mission to give you the most out of your investment with Willow Bend Systems. Shrinking your overhead and maintenance costs will save you a lot of money in the long term. Willow Bend Systems is not a fly-by-night business. We are with you for the long haul and we want to optimize every aspect of your IT services. These virtual servers are one of the best ways to maximize your resources and improve overall performance.

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