Managed Threat Security

Secure your network with Willow Bend Systems.

How We Unite All Our Security Services

Managed threat security is the overall theme for all of our security measures. This process is how we bring all our protection services together to defend our clients from security threats. Network security threats are one of the most significant concerns in running an IT system. There are outside computer viruses, ransomware, malware, phish emails, and trojan horse programs all trying to get inside your network. Each one of these threats continues to get more advanced every day.

We take a proactive and layered approach to your security to keep up with all the threats out there. In a perfect world, we would only need some antivirus software and a firewall to protect your data, but because we understand the multiple security threats in the real world, we know the simplest efforts are not enough. Willow Bend Systems builds you a multi-level cyber-security plan so that if anything gets through one defense, then there is another security protocol ready to stop it.


We respond quickly to your threats.

This reduces the impact on your systems.


Smart Monitoring Against Cyber Threats

In addition to our network security, Willow Bend Systems also offers a Smart monitoring service option. For an additional fee, this service will closely monitor your network traffic, and it will actively look for any abnormal behavior in your network activity. The service flags odd behavior and alerts us right away. This smart system allows us to resolve your possible issues immediately, sometimes before any damage is done.

Fast response time is vital for threat management. Cyber-criminals can be pretty devious, and some infected computers won’t show obvious signs. The malware or virus inside can be lying dormant and quietly spread throughout your systems without you knowing. Over time, a small threat can become a big problem. Smart Monitoring allows us to wipe out these problems where they start.


All of Our Services Work Best Together

The integrity of your information and data is vital to your business. Willow Bend Systems understands that your information security is crucial to your success. Your clients need to feel confident in the safety of any data they put in your hands.

Willow Bend Systems provides the best antivirus software already built into our managed services plan. It is not cheap or basic protection plan. It is the best of the breed. We won’t put you through watching your virus protection fail just to upgrade it later. We supply the best option the first time. Period.

Our optional intrusion protection is another level of security that is automated and runs in the background to defend your network. Beyond all of that, we also offer the optional service of penetration and vulnerability testing to inspect our security software defenses for any weaknesses.

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