Network Security & Compliance

Don’t pay extra for what you don’t need.

We Will Get to Know You and Your Needs

One of the ways that Willow Bend Systems can save you money is by giving you only what you need. Depending on the number of users and the inherent value of your data, you may not require the same level of defense that another business would. On the other hand, you could have a large number of users and handle many bits of vital data daily. In that case, we recommend a higher level of protection.

Certain aspects of our network security are already built into our managed services plan, but each plan can be customized to your security needs. As service providers, we have the threat intelligence to evaluate your network and its needs. We will never to charge you for something that you don’t need.


Different issues have different needs.

Willow Bend Systems will adapt to your needs each and every day.


For Stronger Threats, We Offer Stronger Solutions

For those clients that require the highest level of protection, we do have a full security package that offers premium security solutions. This particular service starts at the edge of your firewall and extends all the way to the client level. In our industry, there are what we call ‘high’ and ‘low’ target clients. These judgments are based on the type of data you handle and your level of network access with the public.

If you are a financial institution that serves a large number of people, it is much more likely that your hardware and software will be targeted by security threats. If you are what we call, a “high target” client, then it is crucial that you have the best cyber-security to protect you and your clients from all of the cyber threats out there.


We Have A High Standard of Compliance

Willow Bend Systems personnel hold ourselves and our services to the highest standards. We stay up-to-date on the latest information security tools and techniques. Our staff is always working to educate themselves on cutting edge technology and trends in our industry. Part of the high standard that we hold our services to includes certifications like PCI and HIPAA compliance.

PCI, or the Payment Card Industry, is essential to any company that accepts credit card payments or cardholder data. If your business relies on the processing, storing, and transmitting of client credit card data, then you need to work with an IT service that is PCI compliant. This compliance ensures the protection of your data and makes a promise to your clients that you are taking all of the necessary precautions for their safety.

HIPAA compliance pertains to healthcare or medical care providers. It protects patient confidentiality in your operating systems and reduces healthcare fraud. This compliance is crucial to patients. Not meeting HIPAA standards can result in expensive fines and loss of trust in your services. Advances in cloud computing and mobile devices have made compliances like these even more important.

Willow Bend Systems will get to know your needs and build you the network security infrastructure that fits your business. We will protect you with the most secure solutions and defend you from legal issues with compliant practices.

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