Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Find safety with Willow Bend Systems.

A Secure System is Essential for Your Business

Willow Bend Systems understands the importance of a secure network. Some of our most essential services are our antivirus and intrusion protection. One of the ways we ensure the highest standard of security for those methods is with penetration and vulnerability testing. This particular service is an add-on feature to our standard practices. We offer this to our regular clients and newcomers alike. One of the main reasons to add-on this service is if your business handles the financial information of others.

If you have financial information like credit card numbers, by law, you must be PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires any company that uses a credit card payment and then stores, processes, and transmits cardholder data to abide by specific standards. The most common reason we perform this service is to help a business become PCI compliant. PCI standards are enforced to ensure multi-levels of protection for you and your clients.


Penetration and vulnerability testing are two different types of protection.

One looks for weak points and the other tries to exploit them.


Take Advantage of Our Multi-level Protection

Penetration tests and vulnerability scans are two very different procedures for testing your security. A vulnerability scan will search a system for weak points. It is like a guard that patrols your security program and looks for anything that seems out of place. Vulnerability scanners are not an automated service like our antivirus software. These scans will be completed routinely by our trained staff. These periodic scans are done to maintain your vulnerability management. We recommend that these tests are performed regularly and for any new piece of equipment that is installed.

A penetration test is something else entirely. This kind of test means hiring someone to try and break through your security measures on purpose. For our clients, Willow Bend Systems uses a third party to try and break through our security. Using a third party is a stronger method of security testing because it is objective. Just testing ourselves would not be fair to our clients. Our experts and the third parties that we work with are all HIPAA and PCI compliant.

When you request this service, we team up with a penetration testing company of security experts. Performing a penetration test ourselves would be a subjective test of the systems we built. In the real world, someone trying to break your security won’t be on our side. For new clients, we would be able to perform this assessment and penetration testing in-house and test your system’s safety measures ourselves.


Your Information Security Doesn’t Stop There

When it comes to the actual hardware we use for your data, we have a strict security posture as well. These locations go beyond vulnerability assessment and penetration. Willow Bend Systems rents space in secure network cages. The hardware inside is all ours, but the building where they are stored is handled by a management program all about security. The building itself has a physical chain link roof protecting everything inside.

Willow Bend Systems volunteers to have our network tested by outside sources and secures your data in the best centers available to deliver the best protection possible. We take your security seriously, so you can focus on your business.

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