Threat Remediation

Hire Willow Bend Systems to defeat your threats.

Remediation is How We Protect You From Today’s Threats

Threat remediation is the process that we go through to identify and resolve threats to your IT systems. A threat is anything that could corrupt or steal your data and disrupt your service. These threats can cause damage to your applications, hardware, and eventually, your business. The potential for loss is high when data breaches are not closed properly. When you break it down to the bare bones, it means finding out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.

Prevention could mean anything from restoring antivirus service to replacing a piece of old, untrustworthy equipment. Threat remediation is often one of the ways we meet new clients. Sudden threats to your system appear, and you need help quickly. Willow Bend Systems prides itself on our fast response times, and many times, we can have someone onsite the same day.


For every new threat,

Willow Bend Systems will find a new solution.


Remediation is All About Being Proactive

This process is more than just threat, risk, and vulnerability scans. Those are good things to do, and we recommend risk assessments are performed regularly, but, threat remediation is addressing hazards that are already menacing your computer security. Possible system threats include:

All of these require a quick response and practical strategies. A vulnerability is a weakness somewhere in the structure or access points of your system. Our security teams are experts in finding these weak points and shutting them down. Our personnel has the latest training in security and compliance in PCI and HIPAA.

Owning a business and being online at all creates a certain amount of risk. Hiring Willow Bend Systems is one way you can have confident risk management. There are always going to be vulnerabilities and uncertainties in the world, but we will be there to provide the security and solutions for any cyber threats.


Threat Remediation is There to Protect Our Other Services

Willow Bend Systems believes in being proactive and overprepared. If you are not already one of our clients, then threat remediation may be the first step you need. After we have discovered the source of your threats and resolved them, you can begin to take advantage of our [managed services plan].

Our current clients know that our managed services plan is a multi-level strategy of methods that will ensure the best possible operations of your systems. Our services are designed to keep your business running at optimal efficiency, and threat remediation is a part of total protection. Disaster recovery, data backup, and antivirus protection are all part of our layered approach to keeping your data safe.

There will always be threats waiting to exploit a vulnerability in these systems though. Threat remediation means we learn from every issue. Our threat intelligence increases every time. We are committed to always getting better at preventing and assessing threats.


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