Even if you already have your own IT department, planning for the future of your information technology and your business at the same time can be a tall hill to climb. As a business owner or leader, you know how vital it is to get the most out of your business technology solutions. It would be nice to have someone on staff full-time to plan for your future, but it does not always make sense to spend the resources on that type of business process.


Meet Your Critical Business Objectives With Our Managed Services


As a managed service provider (MSP), Willow Bend Systems offer virtual Chief Information Officer services. vCIO services mean that you will have our team as your resource for helping you plan for the coming years. Any small and medium-sized businesses can understand the value this brings to our partnership. Instead of paying a salary and benefits for one person to chart your technological future, you will have access to the expertise of an entire team of professional experts.


This type of remote IT service offers many advantages that you won’t get anywhere else. The benefits of a virtual CIO include:

  • Disaster Recovery
    • When you are getting your vCIO services from a professional service provider like us, it is a simple process to create and implement disaster recovery strategies that take the big picture into account. When you combine virtual CIO services with the other methods and practices we offer, everything will work together more easily because we will already be familiar with the needs of your business and your unique objectives.
  • Integration & Migration
    • A significant part of plotting the technological part of your future is knowing when is the best time to upgrade certain pieces of equipment or software. You don’t want to miss out on new tools and techniques, but you also don’t want to be investing too much in unneeded upgrades. Willow Bend Systems will keep you on the cutting-edge without breaking your budget.
  • Ensuring Security & Compliance
    • When you are running any business, you must always consider the risk of data breaches and the regulatory requirements of your industry. We have years of experience in maintaining a superior security posture and ensuring compliance with federal and industry standards. We will be there to help you avoid data loss and legal penalties related to security safeguards.
  • Decreased Costs With Boosted Productivity
    • How many business solutions cost less money and increase your efficiency? Solutions like that are few and far between, but vCIO services are one of the few that offer it. We save you the cost of creating your own Chief Information Officer position and our expertise will help you find ways to boost productivity in the way you use technology enterprise-wide.
  • A Predictable Budget
    • There are few comforts in business better than knowing exactly what something will cost and what you’ll get out of it. One of the most significant benefits of our vCIO services is having a more predictable budget. You’ll be able to dedicate funds to other areas that need it and focus on your own day-to-day operations more closely.
  • Leverage Technology To Reach Your Goals
    • Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a professional service provider delivering your virtual CIO services is that you will have a partner in leveraging your technology to help you reach your business objectives. Our experts will work to get to know your business and the unique goals you have for the future. We make sure that you don’t just have technology that works, you’ll have tech that helps you reach those future objectives even faster.


To learn more about vCIO and all of the other services we offer, contact Willow Bend Systems today.