There are many ways to make your digital operations more secure. Most of them are static walls that stand between you and intruders with malicious intent. Penetration testing is a different strategy because it is an active and dynamic way of putting all those security precautions to the test and seeing how well they are performing.

How We Conduct Penetration Tests

When you partner with Willow Bend Systems, we construct several layers of security and backups around your data and daily operations. One of the ways we make sure all these services are working effectively is by putting them to the test. We hire a third-party network penetration testing service provider to try and gain access to your systems.

This is a planned and authorized attempt to breach your information security. We work with a third-party provider because they bring an objective perspective. These security professionals will put our safeguards through their paces and, by the end, you will have a safer network. You might not operate in the sensitive information that hackers will want to steal, but they could still cause downtimes in your operating systems. We recommend pen testing for all of our clients.

The Advantages of Penetration Testing

  • Secure Systems: The most obvious benefit of pen testing is that it results in a more secure system for you to operate in. Our ‘ethical hackers’ will spot exploitable vulnerabilities and do their best to invade your computer systems. Once we have their results, we can close up those access points and make your security posture more stable.
  • Prevention: One of the other ways to find out about the weaknesses in your security tools is by waiting until a legitimate threat gains access and damages your systems. The recovery process and downtime could be costly to you and shake the confidence of your clients. Penetration tests prevent these attacks from being effective and ensure the continuity of your operations.
  • Inspire Loyalty: Speaking of client confidence, we have all seen what can happen when a company is faced with the public embarrassment of a data breach. It can harm their client’s privacy and set back their client retention for years to come. Preventing these events from ever occurring will preserve your reputation and inspire confidence in prospective clients.
  • Maintaining Compliance: Depending on your industry, there are several regulations and safety standards that your business might be subject to. Penetration testing services will protect you from possible fines and penalties by helping you remain compliant. You can use our test results to prove you are being diligent to federal standards like HIPAA, GLBA, or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Any company that conducts aspects of their business on the internet will benefit from penetration testing. Anyone might be able to buy some antivirus software but only managed IT service providers like Willow Bend Systems can offer methods like penetration tests. We can build your security structure ourselves and hire penetration testers to make sure that it is effective.