Quite simply, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone is a phone that communicates via your internet connection rather than through traditional phone lines. VoIP devices allow you to send and receive phone calls using your IP network. VoIP technology converts audio into digital signals that can then be transmitted over the internet. The benefits of a VoIP business phone system include:


  • Cheaper call costs: A VoIP business phone system saves you money in the long run by lowering call costs. If your business makes a lot of long-distance or international calls, you end up saving even more because VoIP calls are typically charged at the local rate of your call destination.
  • Increased call quality: As long as you streamline network bandwidth and use quality hardware, you’ll notice call quality that’s typically crisper and clearer than traditional phone systems.
  • Maximum scalability and flexibility: VoIP devices allow you a more mobile communication platform. If your business moves, you won’t need to set up new phone lines or phone numbers. Your VoIP services easily move with your business. At the same time, you’ll be able to easily add additional phone lines as your business grows.
  • Greater mobility: VoIP softphones allow your team to access your VoIP system from anywhere with an internet connection for a more mobile workforce.
  • Ability to integrate communication systems: Your VoIP systems can be combined with your other communication systems like collaboration tools, video conferencing, mobility solutions, and teleconferencing abilities.


Categories of VoIP Phone


There are two primary types of VoIP phones: hardware-based systems and software-based devices.


Hardware-based VoIP devices look like traditional business phone units. They feature fundamental features like speakerphone, touchpads, digital displays, caller ID, and headset connectivity. Functions like call transfers and group calls are simplified. Some devices even have video conferencing capabilities to take your virtual conferencing to the next level of connectivity.


Software-based VoIP phones, sometimes called softphones, are simply software systems installed on computers or mobile devices. The interface typically resembles a traditional phone system to deliver an intuitive user experience, yet they allow your team to access your VoIP phone services from anywhere with an internet connection.


Who Upgrades to VoIP?


An upgrade to a VoIP system from analog phones is ideal for businesses that are:


  1. Spending a lot of money on long-distance and international calls
  2. Wanting to utilize the latest conferencing tools
  3. Looking to save money by unifying communications
  4. Prioritizing staying mobile in an ever-changing world
  5. Ready to give their team robust call features to succeed


If your business is interested in achieving the benefits of upgrading to a VoIP cloud phone system, contact Willow Bend Systems today, and we’ll start developing a solution customized for your business.