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If you work in the area of Dallas, Texas and are looking for an IT services provider, you should take advantage of the industry-leading services offered by Willow Bend Systems. We have one managed service plan because we believe in delivering the same level of service to all our clients. There are no premium or platinum level clients. We offer one plan because it is comprehensive and covers all the needs of any business.

There are a wide array of managed services included in our plan that caters to your needs. Just because you clock out and head home for the night, doesn’t mean your system gets to rest. Our 24/7 monitoring and management will keep an eye on your systems while no one is there. Our antivirus protection will keep your systems and data safe from outside threats like malicious software. When you combine that with our disaster recovery plans, you receive a full circle of protection.


It doesn’t matter which of our locations you choose,

You will receive the same high-quality level of service.


Do You Work Near the Mile High City?

If your medium or small businesses that is based in the area surrounding downtown Denver, Colorado you can benefit from the cloud services delivered by our Willow Cloud offices. We provide the latest in the cloud-based computing. When it comes to cloud computing, we offer several different options because we know that what works best for one company might not be what everyone else needs. Our hardware as a service program will help extend the life of your hardware and help keep your data more secure.

The type of cloud service we provide is entirely up to you. We can deliver a hosted private cloud for just your business or manage a third party vendor to connect you with a public cloud. The private cloud offers more privacy while the public version can deliver more computing power. We also partner with industry-leading brands like VMware and Microsoft Azure to provide these services. Willow Bend Systems can even give your business a hybrid mixture of the two where you can get the advantages of both.


We Deliver More Than IT Services and Cloud Solutions

Along with all of our managed services and cloud computing options, Willow Bend Systems can also provide you with hardware. We can set up a VoIP phone system and help you find the best carrier. Our structured cabling and hardware as a service leasing program will cut your costs and optimize your workspace.

We are proud to be members of our local communities, and when you partner with us, you are getting a professional IT services ally that is also your neighbor.

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