IT Consulting/VCIO

Let us build an IT strategy for you.

Willow Bend Systems’ IT Consulting Eliminates the Stress of Planning

Our IT consulting and virtual CIO services all fall under our managed IT services. This practice is to assist you in planning for your future. We will work with your onsite chief information officer, or if you do not have a CIO, then we will function as one for you virtually. You don’t need to be a member of our managed services plan to take advantage of our IT consulting and virtual CIO services.

Willow Bend Systems is a personalized company that approaches IT managed services with a strategy that fits every clients’ needs. VCIO is a premium service we offer as part of our standard managed services because we don’t believe in multi-level plans. We don’t have any system of average or premium clients. We give everyone the same high-quality level of personal service, and not just a one-time meeting when you hire us. Willow Bend Systems will be with you for the long haul. As our partnership grows, so will our plans for your business future.


We can’t predict the future.

But we’ll help you plan for it.


Willow Bend Systems Will Help You Adapt to the Future

The ever-growing world of technology can often feel pretty unpredictable. There will always be new advances and upgrades. With those advances, there will continuously be new challenges. You need someone that understands not only the technological landscape but your business goals as well. With Willow Bend Systems, you have a CIO that recognizes the changing tech world and prioritizes your business objectives.

As a consulting service, Willow Bend Systems is able to help you create a long-term technology strategy. This type of planning will streamline your business processes and help you put a plan in place for improving your business’ technology. We will help you plan for future needed upgrades, routine maintenance, and even for disasters. Our disaster recovery methods allow us to put a solid disaster recovery plan in place for any company that hires us.


Our Proactive Philosophy

Our IT consulting is another piece of the proactive process we apply to every client. Data backup, disaster recovery, and 24/7 monitoring are all implemented to be there for you in case of an emergency. IT consulting and our VCIO services are here to help you plan for those events and everything else in between.

When you partner with Willow Bend Systems, you are not just getting someone to resolve your IT issues. You are working with a company that can help your business grow. We can set up a strategy for innovation and adaptation.


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