Structured Cabling

Plan for your future with Willow Bend Systems.

Structured Cabling is a Simple Name for a Complex Process

Structured cabling is the process of designing and installing your cabling systems. This process is much more than just running cables. It is the architecture of your technology throughout your work areas. It is an investment in the future of your business. A correctly structured cabling system will enhance your present and future capabilities, and allow you to grow. Your designer will take into account all of the hardware needs of your current planned system and allow for space for expansion in the future.

The future is always uncertain, so you want an infrastructure that is both flexible and predictable. In a Willow Bend Systems designed plan, changes can be performed easily and modern hardware can be added to meet new requirements. Your cabling system will allow for redundancy in your data backup and support as well. Structured cabling done well will increase the availability of your system and provide a stable platform for you to perform your work.


Willow Bend Systems is a predictable partner.

We’ll find the IT solutions you need for any cabling project.


How We Deliver Structured Cabling Solutions

Willow Bend Systems prides itself on being able to lay out a design for any client and implement their new cabling infrastructure efficiently. One of the most essential aspects of your cabling systems is reliability. Depending on your system is essential to business. Part of our company policy is providing predictable rates with predictable results.

This platform is part of our managed services plan and goes into every service we deliver. We believe in doing each job right the first time. When Willow Bend Systems designs your structured cabling network, we know that we are building the backbone for your business. A strong foundation for your company to stand on for years to come.


All of Our Systems Meet Specific Standards

A stable proactive system will reduce downtime, increase performance, and blend into the aesthetics of your workplace. The requirements of every cabling system is different and has to be adapted to fit those standards. All of this depends on many factors:

All of this is taken into account when we are planning how to structure things like backbone cabling and horizontal cabling. These factors will determine how we provide access to your own data centers or telecommunication rooms.

Beyond our own company standards, there are also industry requirements that we must abide by. These models and rules were put in place to protect consumers and establish professional uniform cabling standards. When we design your structured cabling, Willow Bend Systems can meet and exceed the requirements of industry-leading standards.

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