Hosted Private Cloud

Save money and enhance your services at the same time.

Let Us Build a Powerful Computing Environment for You

Private cloud hosting means that you will receive a personal and private cloud infrastructure meant only for your business. As a private cloud hosting specialist, Willow Bend Systems can manage and build a private cloud just for you. Don’t spend your hard earned profits on an in-house server infrastructure when we can provide better service without taking up as much space and passing the savings onto you.

Willow Bend Systems can work with public cloud vendors or hosted private clouds, but we recommend private cloud solutions to our clients first. We prefer the private cloud because it is an infrastructure that we build for you to ensure complete security and customization. The private cloud is a reliable way of managing your data. Once you partner with us, we will put your computing resources to work in a data dedicated environment. Your information will be safe and easily accessible from the professional data centers that we work with.


You can spend less money on your IT!

With Willow Bend Systems you wont lose performance or flexibility.


The Full Spectrum of Cloud-Based Service

We offer a wide variety of cloud storage and computing options built around what your business needs. Our private cloud hosting is the premium cloud managed service that we provide. Take advantage of our private cloud hosting as a part of our hybrid cloud service or all on its own. We will backup your data and provide disaster recovery, but by using a private cloud hosting company, your data is already safe in our cloud.

There is no need to rescue your information when we are already keeping it safe. Working with a cloud platform, like private hosting, streamlines all of your other practices and makes your IT run much smoother. When we are the ones protecting your data, the response time shrinks to address any data threats or stopping intrusions in their tracks. Monitoring your systems 24/7 becomes much more comfortable when it is operating on the private cloud that we built for you.

You get all of these enhanced services, while still maintaining easy access to your data. Isolating your operations on your private cloud makes it much more difficult for threats or hackers to gain access to your information. It is impossible to eliminate risk, but setting up your data operations on their own private island is a good start.


Boost Your Performance Without High Costs

Along with the expected level of service that comes with Willow Bend Systems, you can also expect access to improved performance and increased flexibility. Private cloud hosting allows for more straightforward data migration to upgrade operating programs. You can still find higher levels of performance at a lower cost than maintaining your own onsite systems and network. By partnering with us, you can cut your costs and increase your performance at the same time.


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