Antivirus and Intrusion Protection

Detect and prevent outside threats.

Network Security Is A Growing Challenge

There has never been more malicious software out there than there is today. It is an ever-growing problem that must be met with ever-increasing solutions. There are viruses, worms, malware, and various trojan programs that can corrupt your data in one way or another, and even if they don’t steal your data, they can delete or corrupt it to the point that you can no longer access it. Many of these threats may lay dormant at first and slowly compromise your system over time. A single network intrusion can become an epidemic if not addressed properly. Willow Bend Systems has the innovative solutions to stop these threats in their tracks.

Of course, you can rely on our data backup and protection services and data centers, but extra protection adds to security. Our firewall protection and antivirus software that comes with every plan can resolve many of these threats before we have to resort to the backups. Just because we have a secure copy of your data doesn’t mean that we don’t want to also have top-notch network security.


Willow Bend Systems’ antivirus and intrusion protection –

The front line of our security services.


Our Antivirus Protection Software

There is a reason that we include antivirus protection as a part of all our plans, securing your system is an essential practice to maintain your productivity. All our services are designed to improve your business. We believe in taking redundant measures to best protect our clients. Our antivirus software the shield that protects every other service we offer. All of other services fill in the gaps of an antivirus shield and, together, create a complete structure for IT security.

The antivirus program that we use is the same across the board. We don’t just pick one off the shelf and expect it to provide premium protection. We only partner with companies and programs that are up to our industry leading level. With cutting edge removal and detection methods, we pick the best antivirus the first time so there is no need for replacements later. As part of our monthly fee, this saves you money and time. Willow Bend Systems provides predictable costs with predictable results.


Intrusion Protection Systems

We also offer an additional detection and prevention system called intrusion protection. This is an optional method for our clients. Once you opt for this service, we install and maintain it for you. It updates itself periodically and monitors your network traffic for any malicious programs or threats. Intrusion detection and prevention is the next step up in fully securing your network and its systems.

Automated intrusion software is able to take immediate action when it detects a threat. It has its own threat intelligence, and it acts according to a set of rules that we would establish to address any hazard in real time. Well functioning intrusion protection will be able to block threats without any disruption in your normal network service.

There are always going to be new threats to your systems, but Willow Bend Systems has a commitment to the future well-being of your business. These services are part of our always evolving innovative solutions to improve the functions of your business.


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