If you pay attention to the news, then you have seen time and time again when companies have been hit with cyber attacks that intruded their sensitive information and the fallout that followed. Many businesses have bounced back from incidents like this, but some never do. A breach in your cyber security can shake customer confidence in your systems and even result in financial losses.


This Is Not A New Problem


At this point, cyber threats are not a new issue. They have been around for many years at this point, and several businesses just choose to ignore their hazards. You might feel safe because your business’ systems have never been compromised, but you don’t want to be part of the crowd that waited too long to make preparations. You want to put a lock on the door before your critical infrastructure is compromised, not after.


There Is More At Stake Than Just Your Information


You might think that your computer’s network doesn’t have any information vital enough on it to justify superior security measures, but for most businesses, there is more at stake than just your information. There is also the sensitive data of your customers to consider. In fact, they are more than likely the targets of most cyber attacks. In some cases, there have been data breaches that have affected millions of customers all at once. You don’t want to be the reason these people lost their privacy.


Disaster Recovery Is About More Than Natural Disasters


Maybe you have rock-solid plans in place for earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and a whole host of other natural disasters. It is easy to see those as dire threats and understand that you need to make preparations to be ready in case of an emergency.


Cyber attacks are sometimes a difficult threat to grasp because they exist in the digital world, but we’ve already talked about all of their real-world consequences. It is just as crucial that you prepare disaster recovery strategies to protect your critical business operations from unauthorized access.


The Challenges You Are Facing

You don’t know what you don’t know, so how can be prepared for cyber attacks? We’ll start with some of the most common vulnerabilities out there and the effective precautions that other companies are not taking.

  • A vast majority of hacking-related breaches are a result of stolen passwords or weak password security.
  • Most malware and malicious software gain entry through social engineering like email and email attachments.
  • Most attacks come from outside sources.
  • Many companies have no program in place for training their employees on security awareness.


How Willow Bend Systems Can Help


There are businesses out there in many different situations. Maybe you have an IT department, but they are overallocated with tasks from keeping your business up and running. Maybe your IT department is just one person doing their best, but falling behind. Or maybe you don’t have any IT personnel at all. Whatever your situation, Willow Bend Systems has the tools and expertise to help you.


We can augment your existing team or operate as your own outsourced IT department. Either way, once you reach out to us, we can put plans into action to protect your systems and enhance your business continuity planning. Everyone’s solution is going to be a little bit different. You could need to migrate your computer systems to the cloud with offsite data centers or might be better off taking advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS).


Willow Bend Systems is here to help you achieve better performance and efficiency through preventing disruptions from cyber attacks. Even when the threats come that no one could have stopped, we will be there with proactive measures already prepared with business impact analysis to assess the best way to map your recovery. Contact us today to learn more about the security measures you need to take and all of the ways that we can help you protect your business.