Know Your Malware: The Differences Between Viruses, Worms, And Trojan Horses

It can sound scary to sit and listen to all of the threats that out there for your business and operating systems. It is exciting to watch technology grow and change, but malicious software is growing and changing at the same time. Just like when you were a kid, things we don’t understand can become […]

How To Protect My Organization From A Breach?

As the threat of data breaches looms large over the heads of every business, we must learn to adapt to these new threats and bring focus on protecting our organizations. It is time that we start addressing cyber attacks as the real threat that they are. Businesses can no longer call their single layer of […]

DDoS Attacks: What Are They and How Can I Stop Them?

You might think that you have a pretty firm understanding of what malware like computer viruses and trojan horses can do to your operating systems, but they will often find ways to surprise you. There are always going to be new points of access or new ways to impact your operations. This is one of […]

Growing Network Security Threats And The Importance Of Precautions

Sometimes the connections that once gave us so much freedom and flexibility become the bonds that hold us back and weigh us down. The more interconnected the world becomes, the more at risk we all become to various threats. Network security threats like malware and data breaches have become the latest hazard to consistent performance […]

Are You Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

If you pay attention to the news, then you have seen time and time again when companies have been hit with cyber attacks that intruded their sensitive information and the fallout that followed. Many businesses have bounced back from incidents like this, but some never do. A breach in your cyber security can shake customer […]

The Importance Of A Firewall

The world of technology is continuing to grow every day. We are continuously getting access to brand new devices and applications that are improving our lives and businesses. Unfortunately, these advancements also mean online threats and hazards are becoming more sophisticated as well. There are many precautions that we can take and strategies that we […]

Data Encryption

Data encryption might seem like something straight out of science fiction for some people. The truth is that it is a very common practice among many businesses. Data encryption can protect the integrity of your sensitive data and reduce the risks of a data breach. These days we spend a lot of time talking about […]

How to Protect Your Network from the Infamous Email Virus

When your employees click on a seemingly innocuous link or open an attachment to an email, they can be exposing your network to threats like phishing, trojan horses, or ransomware. Fundamentally, a virus is a program that infiltrates your network by infecting files on a computer or your network and then makes copies of itself. […]

What Are Phishing Attacks?

The internet is a tool that revolutionized our entire world. It has changed how we interact with each other, how we receive entertainment, how we buy things, and how businesses run. It is nearly impossible to stay off of the internet if you want to run a productive and modern business. It is regrettable that […]

What Is Ransomware?

We all take part in the digital world every day, some of us more than others, but we are all exposed to it. Unfortunately, some dangers and hazards come with existing in any digital space. There are forms of fiendish software, viruses, and targeted intrusions that are out there just waiting around for the perfect […]